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How I used Carl Jung “Psychological Types” theory in one of my UX projects.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

About this project

In this project, I used Carl Jung's theory of psychological types and archetypes to create a quiz that maps the user's psychological characteristics and, as output, the best contemporary professions that match their personality. 

The results would also show the users what they are good at and what they could learn working at McDonald's. I worked on the concept, strategy, UX writing, prototype, user experience, quality control of the code, animations, and final interface.



My role

UX strategy
UX writing
Art Direction

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Scope & background

We were working in a big multi-channel campaign for McDonald’s called “Skills for Life” — the concept of the campaign was simple: McDonald’s may not be your dream job, but lots of successful people today started their careers working at McD. Maybe a first job, or summer job, this experience could teach you skills that you will use in your whole life on your future jobs too (responsibility, teamwork, dealing with the public, organization, and others).

Another goal of the campaign was to attract new and young talents to work at McD, since few European countries face this problem nowadays: there are open positions, but there are not many people available to fill them. In 2019, the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic was at approximately 1.93 percent.


The idea

After understanding the campaign and have the client's challenge in mind I had an insight that maybe we could use the Jungian theory of Archetypes and Psychological Types too, based on a quiz, map the user’s psychological type and personality in order to show him what are the best professions and skills he could develop for his future career.

Sounds complicated, but for me, one of the main tasks of the UX process is to transform complexity into simplicity, and that’s something that I really enjoy doing.


We wanted to bring some value to the user, give him (based on the quiz) some relevant information about his personality, about himself, which kind of abilities and professions he can be good at, which skills he could learn at McD in order to pursue his dream job career someday. So our online concept was the Dream Job Quiz: find out what are the best professions and fields that match your personality and psychological type.

The job that best fit's your personality is 


The process

For the quiz, we wanted something simple, direct, easy, and minimalistic. There are a few online tools to find your personality type based on Myers–Briggs Type Indicator that is based on Jungian theory, you probably heard about those letters before (ISTJ, ESTP, ENFJ, etc), but most of them are quite long and takes lots of time from the user to go through it, we wanted to avoid that and create something simple and elegant.

Each question of the quiz would map and provide one information that leads to a letter of the psychological type. Basically, they map how do you interact with the world (Extrovert or Introvert), how do you absorb information around you (Sensor or Intuitive), how you make decisions (Thinker or Feeler) and how do you live your outer life (Judger or Perceiver).

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Quiz questions

Our first challenge was to create those questions in an easy and direct way, but besides that match with the brand identity and elements. UX Writing skills were also needed to write the questions in a creative and short way, keeping their psychological map approach in the background. Each question maps one of the letters that will create the output result of the quiz.

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Matching our new professions with the Psychological Types

Based on some available online material that matches the psychological types to the best professions they could perform, our second challenge was to match our current and new and contemporary professions for each psychological type combination.


Since the main target of our project was young generations, we decided to use contemporary professions instead of the regular ones, for example: Youtuber, Yoga Teacher, Community Activist, Band front man, Astrobiologist and others.

With the help from an illustrator we created avatars for our new professions to show in the output of the quiz, some of them were Movie director, Diplomat, Pilot, Music Producer, Firefighter, Architect / Designer, Yoga Teacher, Gastro Guru and others : )

Quiz final results

Here we also wanted to keep it simple and short, but bring to the users some value, some information about themselves, mainly for young people (target) who still have lots of questions about which professional path they should take, and don’t know exactly what they are good at.

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Key learnings

Involve DEVs since the begining

Invite the developer of the project since the begining helped us complete our tight deadline. While visual design work was being made, devs were already preparing the code structure.

Psychology applied to UX

Psychology skills can be applied and explored across the UX process, it's not just restriced to user behaviour and cognitive sides of it.

Incorporate your passions

I like to read Jung works and theories based on my personal interests, be able to apply one of his theories to a UX concept was a nice feeling. We can incorporate our daily passions on everything we do.

isometric mockup

Try it for yourself : )

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