Play and Learn

Educational game in augmented reality

Richmond (Prisa group)
the problem

The problem

Today's children have been born digital, this is a fact that directly impacts teaching and learning methods. How to attract the attention of the little ones is a problem that every mom, dad or teacher is facing in our post modern era.


The research

We start to research how tech and augmented reality was impacting the field of Education and teaching. Nowdays there is a lot of apps that uses this technology to get better results on teaching in an interactive and visual way.


The idea

Blend Analogic and Digital

After research we decided to create a game who blends the analogic world (card games) with the digital world (tablets, smartphones + augmented reality)

Augmented Reality Cards

Play and Learn is an augmented reality game created for teach English who integrates challenge (Question) shown on the device to the solution to be given by the students with the offline cards.


Multidisciplinary team

This game was a complex project to create, organize and put together designers, teachers, 2D illustrators, 3D animators and developers to work together. 

The game

Play and Learn is an educational game in augmented reality aimed at teaching English for brazilian kids in a playful and fun way - here is how it works:

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    The app interface shows a question that must be answered using the right augmented reality vocabulary card.

  2. 2


    To answer the question that appears on the screen, the player must point the corresponding card to the camera of his device.

  3. 3


    The app indicate, through a fun 3D animation in augmented reality if the student hit or missed the question. Each card have his own animations of Correct and Incorrect answers. 

mobile app
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The game modes

To increase the challenge and motivation we design 3 different game modes, 3 levels of difficulty and also a Ranking - so students can check their progress and try to beat their friends.

The complete game was a box with the 100 cards, an activity book and a code to download and login on the app. 


Open game without time and restrictions.


On this game mode the user define the numbers of rounds (questions) and also the time spent to answer is important.


All the 100 card questions will be presented and the user have some seconds to answer, if correct he goes to next question, if is incorret is game over.


Tech & education, together.
Check the gameplay video:


The team

Odair Faléco, Adriana Almeida, Daniela Viegas, Andrea Pilipposian, Christiane Borin, Nero Correa, Erick Guedes, Roberta Yamamoto.

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